July 1, 2021

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Google Analytics

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The Future of Google Analytics

Google Analytics 4 properties allow you to more effectively activate your data and insights to drive measurable marketing outcomes.

By setting up dual tagging we start building out your Google Analytics 4 property to ensure you start collecting data from now until the time that Google sunsets their Classic | Universal Analytics product

Unify measurement across devices, enabling you to adapt in a changing industry environment. Machine-learning powered predictions help improve your marketing. 


1.   Scalable with your business

GA4 properties can measure all the interactions people have with your brand online, giving you a complete, relevant, and timely understanding of the customer journey.

2.   Enable you to adapt in a changing environment

GA4 properties offer responsible, durable measurement that will drive business outcomes for the long-term, while meeting user expectations for privacy.

3.   Provide intelligent business predictions

GA4 properties automate and facilitate insight discovery, making it frictionless to get the most value from your data.

4.   Drive business impact

GA4 properties allow you to more effectively activate your data and insights to drive measurable marketing outcomes.


Megan Du Toit

Head of Audience and Analytics • SSA: Dentsu Data Labs


Megan Du Toit - DDL - Google Analytics

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