South Africa-Vizeum-Sanlam 2 Min Shower Songs

Sanlam 2 Min Shower Song Case Study

We partnered with 10 talented local South African musicians to recreate a 2 Minute Shower Song version of their hits: the perfect length for a water-wise shower.

The idea was to play the song whilst you shower. When it’s done, so are you. We also aimed to highlight key water-saving tips to further drive down usage. Sanlam has always been associated with WWF, and so there was a prolific synergy between the City’s need and this initiative.

Through partnering with two local radio stations, we secured the morning drive DJs to endorse the campaign. Here we encouraged listeners to send in voice notes with their best version of a 2 Minute Shower Song.

Radio interviews with musicians, highlighting their songs and commitment to the cause generated vast on-air exposure. The tracks generated significant airplay.

Activity played out on radio social platforms (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram), radio websites, and DJs’ personal social pages.

Outdoor sites communicated the 2 Minute Shower Songs message: locally at the Cape Town airport – for all arriving visitors, as well as in the biggest city, Johannesburg, to educate the mass exodus of visitors out of Johannesburg who travel to Cape Town over the festive season.

Local papers ran full-page newspaper ads highlighting top artist involvement, and consumer magazines were used to create broader national awareness of the crisis.

A strong social campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram drove awareness, and song downloads on iTunes or Google Play.


Key Objectives:

1. Create national and international awareness.

2. Generate public interest.

3. Encourage consumers to actively partake.

4. Generate a positive return on investment

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