Nigeria-Dare Create- Lucozade

Lucozade Case Study

Lucozade Masterbrand Case Study sing relatable, everyday scenarios to bring our message to life, we explored a range of tiring situations that our consumers typically experience daily and showcased the role of the brand in helping them get through it. We were able to position the brand in a new light, not as a solution to the consumers problems but as the brand that provides the much-needed energy (mental & physical) that is required to get through those tiring situations. The campaign kicked-off on Online platforms with our lead film and press materials, stirring up lots of conversation, conversations that allowed the new brand message to proliferate effectively. In line with our core objective from the jump, we were able to start the journey towards a total perception change for Lucozade, shifting from being the brand for sick people to one that is for everybody, suitable for every situation and consumption occasion.

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